We are MOHA. Our name comes from Hungarian language in which it means moss. Our collective chose
this name to reflect the desire to embody a moss like quality which grows and expands even
in the most unexpected conditions. MOHA creates performances, presents workshops, devises publications, and proposes alternative curatorial models.


The city, its different social dynamics and the way people make and use their living environment in specific localities, are the starting points of all our initiatives. We always operate the same way. We are present. We come back day after day, week after week, in the same location. Our performances start from there and can last a few days, 5 weeks, or a
year. We meet the same people every day, and become part of their routines and landscape. We work with artists, curators, shopkeepers, at home mothers, scientists, homeless, cleaners, social workers, nurses a.o. Along our process, the small talks, tea drinking, babysitting, kitchen cleaning as well as more political and conceptual discussions
are the inspiration for our public outcomes. One says revolution starts with cleaning dishes. We say art gets reinvented while cleaning dishes. Through our projects we create connections between the art field and other disciplines.


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